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Solution Engineering Approach
Technical Skills

Seagullinfo brings a balanced combination of technical and people skills to provide high quality professional services to ensure customer success.

Solution Engineering Approach

  • Operational Analysis

    Modeling of a system must be based on real-life operations. Even when a legacy system is re-written or enhanced, it is best to consider the underlying operations rather than the behavior of the legacy system to achieve benefits of re-engineering.

    Seagullinfo interacts with customers and users to deeply understand the operations to deliver a robust and maintainable solution that can evolve.

  • Methodology

    Creativity must be encouraged to arrive at innovative solutions. Once a solution path is determined, a methodical process is used to convert the idea into a useful system.

    Seagullinfo follows a pragmatic methodology based on years of experience in the industry.

  • Execution

    Execution on time within budget is key to profitability and success.

    Seagullinfo uses proven project tracking techniques, frequent communications with customers and mature decision making to keep a project on track.

  • Integration

    Today's complex business environment requires a multitude of systems and processes. As organizations grow, it is desirable to integrate the systems for information flow as well as ease of operations, administration and maintenance (OA&M).

    Seagullinfo has experience with many systems and platforms to provide glue among heterogeneous systems.

  • Current Engineering

    Current engineering involves acquiring insights into existing systems for maintenance and enhancements.

    Seagullinfo's engineers have a track record of grasping the complexities of legacy systems quickly.

  • Customer Support

    Customer support means appreciating where the customer is coming from and delivering an acceptable resolution quickly.

    Seagullinfo provides the right mix of customer interaction and technical skills to characterize customer complaints to troubleshoot and resolve them.

  • Training

    Customers seek special training from domain experts from time to time to maintain the skill level of their staff.

    Seagullinfo has domain expertise in OSS, network management, telecom and networking technologies, Internet, software engineering, programming languages, object-oriented paradigm and project management to provide valuable training that combines theory with industry experience.

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