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Advanced Telecom Training

Seagullinfo has a ready curriculum of 150+ hours to offer a one-stop solution for providing technical and management training of telecom networking technologies and network management. Seagullinfo provides 4 streams of specialization based on foundations of telecom and data networking as follows:

  • Broadband Networks:

    ISDN, SDH, xDSL, Cable, Frame Relay, ATM

  • Wireless Networks:

    Cellular communications, multiple access techniques, AMPS, GSM, CDMA, advanced wireless 3G topics (cdma2000, UMTS, UWC-136)

  • Internet Technologies:

    ISP/ASP network structure, security considerations, firewall, RADIUS/AAA, L2TP, PKI, convergence, VoIP, wireless Internet/data access, Mobile IP, GPRS, wireless LAN (Wi-Fi)

  • Network Operations and Management:

    TMN FCAPS, TMF TOM, service level management, provisioning, SNMP, CORBA, OSS/J

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