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Customer Success
About Seagullinfo
Value Proposition

Seagullinfo is a leader in operations fully realizing that an IT solution is a means to support business operations. Comprehensive and reader-friendly documentation of every engagement is an important deliverable for knowledge transfer to customers. Teamwork with customer is Seagullinfo’s key to receiving repeat business orders.

Customer Benefits

Seagullinfo complements customer’s organization by working closely with customer's teams. Seagullinfo brings ready strengths in network operations, knowledge management, software engineering and business processes to deliver results in a quality and cost-effective manner. Seagullinfo’s services increase the usability and ease of Operations, Administration and Maintenance (OA&M) of systems deployed by customers.

Seagullinfo’s Values

  • Focus on Customer Success

    Customer success is driven by satisfaction of their customers. During customer engagements, Seagullinfo strives to learn about the customer's environment and their needs. Seagullinfo brings a vast experience to the table to offer alternatives and deliver successful solutions.

  • Continuous Skills Refinement

    Seagullinfo recognizes that some time must be devoted to sharpen the saw in order to continuously provide incremental value.Seagullinfo provides a suitable environment for the team members to enhance skills while contributing to Seagullinfo's business objectives.

  • Innovation

    Gathering ideas from several sources and evaluating them is critical for continuous innovation. Seagullinfo practices knowledge sharing, brainstorming and reviews, which provide multiple viewpoints leading to innovative solutions.

  • Integrity

    Relationships are crucial to success. Seagullinfo believes that relationships sustain on the foundation of integrity. Seagullinfo encourages each team member to strive for the highest standard of integrity.

  • Pragmatic Approach

    Seagullinfo will stretch to the company's fullest potential in the areas of core and cultivated expertise. At the same time,Seagullinfo will not try to grow faster than is able to.

  • Teamwork

    In an inter-dependent world, teamwork is critical. Seagullinfo seeks a win-win scenario in business engagements and treats customers and vendors as partners.

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